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How to tell if shower or bathtub needs to be replaced or repaired by Plumber?

The following are signs of a leaking or broken bathtub that require the services of a professional plumber:

• When water is left to stand in the tub after bathing, it should not be standing more than an inch. If this occurs, there may be an accumulation of water on top of the flooring around the bottom edge of the tub, or it can be present within cracks in between tiles.

• If you notice a mildew smell coming from within your bathtub after bathing, this is also an indicator that there could be an issue with your faucet or drain pipe.

• Excessive sound coming from your shower when turned off is another sign that it may need replacement.

The following are signs that indicate you should get in touch with Plumbers for leaking pipes:

• The sound of running water coming from behind walls or under floors and ceilings.

• Water dripping from ceilings.

• An increase in water bills due


Shower & Bathtub
Shower & Bathtub
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bathtubs and showers serve very different purposes. A shower is a place to clean yourself while a bathtub is more of a place to relax. A shower can be used for personal hygiene, cleaning the dishes, and water conservation. A bathtub, on the other hand, can be used as a therapy and to unwind after a long day at work. Showers are useful at an office or in public restrooms because they offer a sense of privacy that’s not always possible with baths.

A bathtub or shower is a vital feature of the bathroom that most people take for granted. The placement and design of the tub or shower will ultimately determine how you are able to use it.

A shower is more practical if you want to take a quick wash as it will not require you to fill up the bathtub with water and then wait for it to drain. A tub is a better option if you want to make use of your time in the bathroom with some leisurely time, relaxing in warm water.

You can choose between a one-piece tub and separate bathtub and shower at home, or go for an impressive walk-in bath inside your home, which will undoubtedly be one of your favorite features.

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